Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Book Review- The Kid

Before I got so sick I wrote another book review for Blogher. Check it out at the link below.

Playing Catch up, TMI medical stuff

Wow it has been forever since I last posted on here. So much has been going on and I have been away from a computer. As most of you know I had surgery on the 29th of July. I had extreme pain the day before and left work thinking it was the last of the kidney stones. As I was driving home every bump in the road made me cry. I went straight to my family dr. who took one look at me and thought appendix. So off I went to the hospital for a CAT scan, drinking that lovely prep stuff on the way. I had to have an IV there for the scan, which the gal got on the first poke!! As soon as the scan was over the gal told me to go straight to the surgeons office, do not pass go, do not collect 200 dollars. hehe I said ok what surgeon and where is he? She just assumed that was who sent me over. I told her I didn't think I could walk over there that I needed to go get my car and she told me NO that she would get a wheelchair and an escort to take me where I needed to go.

So as I was talking to the surgeon about what was going on and the options I had. One of these pain attacks hits. I am trying very hard to keep up conversation with him and the tears start to form and roll down my face. He says that's it I am admitting you now, we are going to do the test we need to and get you some pain medication in an IV right away. So someone takes me in a wheelchair to admitting. After getting a room on the Maternity floor, I am taken right up. Whew I thought I finally get some pain meds. This was about 4 in the afternoon. It takes a while for the nurse to come in and start all the paperwork, history, first exam etc. We get all that done and she says I will be right back to get an IV started to get you some meds. Whew I thought...
30 minutes later she comes back. She tries the first spot and misses, digs around and says ok lets try the other arm where they had the IV for the CAT scan (oh how I wish they would have left that in). She gets a vein, then when she starts to flush it blows, fluid filling the skin around it. DANG IT!!  She says that's it I am frustrated and obviously you have bad veins. About that time the surgeon calls to give her orders. She leaves then comes back in about 20 minutes later. Tells me they are going to do a PICC line instead of a normal IV since I will probably have surgery anyhow. Ok lets just get it done. I am in a bunch of pain.
About 6ish they come to take me to ultrasound. I had to have a vaginal one so they could see everything they needed to, they thought my ovary had flipped and was cutting of blood supply at first. This is not the most comfortable thing to start with and when your already in pain It was all I could do not to lay there crying.
I finally get back up to the room and think I might get relief soon. About 8:30ish they come to do the PICC line, it is a sterile procedure so she makes everyone else step out. I had one before when I got MRSA. Know the routine, not the worst thing in the world to have done, but not the most fun either.
She gets the line in and then we have to wait for portable x-ray to come and make sure the line is where it needs to be. For those that don't know. They put a tube in your upper arm and run it through your veins down by your heart. They come do the x-ray around 9:40.
The doctor comes in and says the ovary is not flipped but has issues.He has called a GYN to come look at it in the morning and discuss it with me. Tells me I can eat something tonight but nothing after midnight.
This is now almost 10 and I am alone. I ask the nurse for something since the last I ate was 8am.
Luckily she was a sweet lady and told me she would run down and get me food herself if she had to. She said it is simple stuff, do you think you could eat a hamburger. Sure I said. She tells me she is still waiting for x-ray to give her the ok.
At 10:30ish she comes in with pain medication. I could hear the angels singing as she ran it through the IV. Then about 15 minutes later she brought me food. Around 11:30 I was finally able to lay down enough to rest.
The next morning the GYN in comes in and says that I have cysts on my ovary and he is pretty sure I have had a couple burst because of the amount of liquid he could see. He recommended doing the surgery to clean up the ovary and remove and cyst that were left including the fluid and scar tissue. The general surgeon said since we were going to have me under that he wanted to remove the appendix since it was slightly swollen. He didn't want it to rupture later and me blame the pain on the ovary again and go septic.
So off to surgery we went.
Both doctors came and talked to Ron and Hannah after surgery. They even got to see pictures.
They ended up removing the ovary, because it was twice the size of the other one with several "knots" as Ron put it. This to me is funny, because when we had one of our first ultrasounds when I was pregnant with Elijah the nurse said I can tell you which ovary the egg came from, we said wow how do you know that? She said it came from the left, because the right looks all shriveled up and not working. HA. so not only was it twice the size of the left, but it had to grow more because at one time it was much smaller.

I am recovering well. Still have a little discomfort, and I am having I don't know maybe phantom pains on the right side, like I would with a period. I go back to see the GYN this friday the 12th to discuss the surgery and options from here on out. I will let you know more then.

Thank you for all the prayers, food and well wishes everyone has given to us during this time.