Friday, January 8, 2016

New Year

We spent NYE with our good friends. I feel so blessed that my best friend just happens to have a hubby and kids that get along with mine so we can do these get togethers. Because sometimes it feels really lonely being so far from family. Yes my three some under my roof is family. But when you grow up with everyone and their brother being around for holidays ok for any day, 3 is quiet, 3 is not cooking all THAT food. It also doesn't tell stories and bring the laughter that more does. And well right now I need more laughing.

Not much has changed yet with jobs or our truck or money problems but that night we were fun! We laughed, joked, ran around (Elijah only) and forgot if only for a short time those problems.

Not only does my bff fulfill my family need she is also my iron. We together have started a devotional/ read through the Bible in a year. It has been since high school since I have read the whole thing. I am quick to pray, but not so quick to pick up the owners manual for the answers. I have put the app on my kindle even but just pulled it up to help Elijah with school. Accountability is good!

To end I am going to add some pictures of our fun on NYE. My brilliant friend set up balloons for every hour for the kids to pop, inside was a place that was celebrating the new year at that time. The kids then marked it on the world map. Some places were easier to find than others. On the back of the paper had an activity. She had such a fun night planned for them. A couple crafts, homemade caramel popcorn, games. Elijah had a blast as did we.

Hope you did too!