Monday, August 30, 2010

Touched my heart.

Ok fair warning I am gonna talk about "church" yesterday. I know that not everyone who may read me believes the same as I do. And that is OK cause isn't that what the good ole USA is about. Isn't that why my son went to war? To maintain our freedoms. Ok that's a whole blog in itself. Back to what my intentions were.

Yesterday during our service we had special guests. They were visiting us from Mercy House/Teen Challenge. For those that don't know what that is, it is a recovery type facility that is based on Christian principles and letting God set you free from your addiction.

I am pretty sure all of us at one time or another have either had an addiction of some sort or loved someone that has/did. Which is maybe why it hit so close to home? Some of the men gave their testimony which was very emotional, because they were emotional. It has always moved me to see someone who was hurting so bad be free of that pain. But the thing that got me was a skit they performed.

It was the same story of a man in chains that is being tormented by the devil and his helpers, drugs, money, "drink" was all pushed in his face and he fought the battle, till all the sudden a "holy" figure enters and helps free him of his chains and addictions. However the part that got me the most was the chains I didn't realize I had. You see there were these people standing on the sides holding signs, that ranged from depression to self pitty. WOW smack in the face. Yes that is right, I knew it, had been taught it, but have looked over it because well quite frankly I didn't want to admit that was me. All of those times I was giving myself the "wow is me speech", the feelings of not being enough for everyone in my life. I could go on and on.

But ya know what those were chains, they were/are holding me back to what God truly wants me to be. He made me in his image and to say I am not worth enough is saying he isn't enough. And that is not really what I feel in my heart. BUT, oh that devil he finds your weak points and chips and chips at them.

I am not trying to preach at anyone or make anyone feel bad. I also believe that as followers of Christ we are to confess our sins to one another and hold each other accountable. So this is a form of cleansing I suppose. I also hope that if it speaks to someone else then it was worth putting it out there for all to see........

Friday, August 27, 2010

Your Mama Dresses You Funny

On our way to work/school this morning. Lil Miss notices a group of guys get out of a truck with green stripped pants and white tee shirts. Now if you live in MS. Or most can even guess that the "uniform" is county jail issue. Her reaction was wow those guys need a fashion update. LMBO. Ok this from the girl who would just assume shop second hand stores and get more stuff then buy the newest fad, as long as it fits and is comfortable she is good. I said "honey, that is a uniform of sorts" Before I could explain for what she said then who ever picks out the uniforms should be fired. OK I love this girl seriously. I then told her it was issued by the county jail and those men she sees are inmates and are "out" on work release. This in turn brought up the issue of work release.
Lil Miss is a very logical thinker mind you. She wanted to know what if they decide to escape as there is no guards just some guy that works for the city? I tried to explain to her that these men have earned this and it is a privilege, she didn't think yard work was much of a privilege. But then after considering it for a few seconds decided it would be better then being locked up, which led to thinking maybe you shouldn't have been locked up in the first place. Good reasoning skills that one I tell ya.
We both decided that we agree with the "jail clean up crew" and I told her that it saves tax payer money since the city doesn't have to pay landscapers which she said was smart and maybe some of that money should go to the school so they can have text books. EWW yeah watch out world this one is gonna be a pistol when she gets big enough to vote and voice her opinion. I didn't have enough time to go into school budgets and where that money comes from. But I like the way she is starting to think and put things together.

So the whole moral of this post is don't go to jail or they will dress you funny!!! ;-)
Have a great weekend my friends and family.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

I can do this....right?

Ok so it seems many Moms/people have blogs these days. So why not try my hand at it. I am funny (not looking dad) sometimes. Want to keep our family up to date. So here I am making my own blog.

At this point of our life journey we are living in Mississippi. We have been here a year now and I think we are getting adjusted. Course just when you think that life has a way of throwing a monkey wrench in there. But that happenes to everyone everywhere so really we are no different, you and I.

So for the first time last night I had trouble helping one of my kids with their homework. I have helped 2 other kids of my own all the way through graduation and countless neices and nephews with things here and there. But my 14yr old daughter stumps me with her Spanish 2 homework. How can you give a spelling quiz in a language you can't pronounce? Well I did the best I could, (thanks to Dora, Diego and a spanish to english dictionary) we were able to figure out most of them. But I think I need to be tutored by her teacher just to help her study.
It brought on lot's of laughter by everyone in the house, and even the 2 year old came to the kitchen table and said OPEN to one of the words. At least he got it right.
I am scared already to think what it is gonna be like when the 2 year old reaches High School.

Speaking of the 2 year old. Isn't it funny (not haha) how each child is so different. The daughter was never sick growing up, the first ear ache came in 3rd grade. This boy of mine, it seems he is sick all the time. Is there a corelation to him being in daycare where she was always taken care of by my parents? Or is it just his imune system? Who knows and I don't suppose it really makes much of a difference, it won't change the fact that he has to go to daycare, because I have to work.

I will be glad when all of my family members get well, at least for the most part. It sure does wear a Mom out to worry and take care of her spouse and kids. I know I signed on for that job, but whew I need a break sometimes. Today my break came by going to work. I have only clocked 39 hours the last 2 weeks, which in theory sounds good not being at work. But the paycheck is going to stink. And I wouldn't said I had a good time while I was off, if I am gonna have that much time off I want to have my toes in the sand or building camp fires at night.

Ok I am gonna close my first attempt at a post. More to come later.....