Wednesday, March 7, 2012

March Book Club Review

Oh am I excited to give this book review. I couldn't wait to get this book and then when I did it was hard to put down. The book I am talking about is this one... Diary of a Mad Fat Girl (first off isn't that just a great title?)
Before I say anything about the book itself the author was self published. That means she had no deadlines but those of her own making. While taking care of a family she wrote a whole book. Sheez I feel like I am lucky to read a book much less write one. She then got picked up by New American Library, part of Penguin Group (USA). Who provided me a book in exchange for my review. I am also compensated by blogher, but the words and review is mine only.

Now on to this wonderfully funny book. The main character "Ace" is quirky and funny. She is a no nonsense kinda gal. The story talks about her life and her relationship with her 2 best girlfriends that she has had since school and her on again off again "love of her life" 
When one of these girlfriends get put in the hospital by her no good for nothing jerk of a cheating husband Ace and Lilly make it their mission to show her how scummy he really is. They know she will not leave him without prove and that is exactly what they are going to do. The book tells of their adventures and misadventures. And has some twists along the way. I found myself laughing out loud when I was reading this book. It is relative to the best chick flick in a book you have ever seen. It has it all, love, friendship, humor and dogs.