Friday, June 3, 2016

Finding Me......

I know it's been a minute since I posted but I have been busy. Of all the moves I have made this one has helped me personally than any. Has there been the trials? Of course and there will be more.

One of the biggest advantages of living here in Dexter is being close to family. I knew I missed them living in Mississippi but didn't realize how much until I came back. It has been beneficial for Elijah too. Not only does he just adore my folks but he is getting to know some of his cousins better.  We have a couple of great neighbors too.  

When Ron and I decided that we would make a go of him transporting I knew I needed a support system. That was proved on Sunday, there has been lots of others but Sunday... I heard Elijah's cry and my heart dropped. With my medical background I knew he needed to be checked out. But I had taken a muscle relaxer and didn't feel comfortable driving. Drugs and adrenalin don't mix for me. I called my Dad and he came and drove us. Him being there also helped me cope with the anxiety and panic that  can take over.

That leads into the next topic. I am doing talk therapy along with seeing a Dr.
I was officially diagnosed with Bipolar disorder and Anxiety disorder with panic attacks. 
I am so thankful for Bootheel Councling Service for helping me through a grant. I am still not able to get Medicaid until we sell our land and won't be eligible for Medicare until November. It's a scary thing to be off my lupus meds and what my body may decide to do. But with the help of the clinic I am dealing. 
I didn't realize how very far down I had gone until I started to climb out. My self esteem was in the toilet I had really been hating myself. I am working on it. I'm learning tools to try to help with the anxiety and panic so I can do things and be a part of my family again. I'm trying and for now that's good enough.

As you all know we decided to homeschool Elijah this past school year. I bought a curriculum that I was familiar with and well it probably wasn't the right fit for him or me. We are still working on school but that's ok I was so worried about it but I finally realized that was why we did this for freedom. We are getting back into a rhythm and I do believe we will keep homeschooling. If our 2nd grade runs into the start of the new school year calender then so be it.  However I am going to make big changes come next year. Not sure exactly what yet but I am researching.

That's the scoop for now.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Another Big Move

As most of you know by now we have moved to Missouri. Several different factors lead to this. One being if Ron was going to continue to drive for a living I needed to be closer to family for support with Elijah in case my health acts up.

As many of you know moving is not fun and it's challenging at its best when you go across town. Several states away lends itself to a whole new ball game.
My dad once again came down to help. And our friends Paul and Cyndi helped more than any friends should. But we got it all packed. By the first day of loading I was exhausted and my body put the brakes on things with 2 seizures in one day. This doesn't happen often and rarely more than one in a day. So I was told several times to take it easy and the thought of me driving 6 1/2 hours at high rates of speed was called into question. Again our friends stepped up and one drove one of the uhaul trucks while the other drove me in their vehicle so they could turn around and go back home. About 3 hours in the second of dad's tires blew on his trailer. Finding a place on a Saturday night in the middle of no where was not happening. But God once again took care of us. It blew right before a rest area so we could safely pull over to inspect it. Ron was able to rig it enough to get to Southhaven to get food and rooms for the night. The next morning we didn't know what would be open on a Sunday but less than a block from the hotel was the only tire shop open on Sundays. They even had the oddball size he needed. We got back on the road and had a safe trip the rest of the way. Our friends even took Ron back down to pick up our truck that was going to be ready that Monday. I sure miss them all ready.

Before we moved up here dad was getting a storage unit for us since we didn't have a house yet. He told the lady he better get two since he hadn't found a house for us. There was another guy standing in there who she turned and said you have any available right now? He did actually. I went and looked at it but it was just not right. He said well I have another but I haven't even had a chance to walk through it yet. We came right over and it was just what we needed. And it wasn't in too bad of shape. We do have a small list of things that he is going to take care of, but he even offered to build a ramp on the front so I can get my wheelchair in and out easy for Elijah and I to go to the park on the next street.
Tell me God doesn't take care of our needs!
And not having been in town but a couple days and Ron already has a job interview after being off work since July!!

I am excited to start this new chapter in our life!

Friday, January 8, 2016

New Year

We spent NYE with our good friends. I feel so blessed that my best friend just happens to have a hubby and kids that get along with mine so we can do these get togethers. Because sometimes it feels really lonely being so far from family. Yes my three some under my roof is family. But when you grow up with everyone and their brother being around for holidays ok for any day, 3 is quiet, 3 is not cooking all THAT food. It also doesn't tell stories and bring the laughter that more does. And well right now I need more laughing.

Not much has changed yet with jobs or our truck or money problems but that night we were fun! We laughed, joked, ran around (Elijah only) and forgot if only for a short time those problems.

Not only does my bff fulfill my family need she is also my iron. We together have started a devotional/ read through the Bible in a year. It has been since high school since I have read the whole thing. I am quick to pray, but not so quick to pick up the owners manual for the answers. I have put the app on my kindle even but just pulled it up to help Elijah with school. Accountability is good!

To end I am going to add some pictures of our fun on NYE. My brilliant friend set up balloons for every hour for the kids to pop, inside was a place that was celebrating the new year at that time. The kids then marked it on the world map. Some places were easier to find than others. On the back of the paper had an activity. She had such a fun night planned for them. A couple crafts, homemade caramel popcorn, games. Elijah had a blast as did we.

Hope you did too!