Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Just let me tell you!!!

Let me tell you how GRRREAT (picture Tony the Tiger voice) my God is.
I have been overwhelmed time and time again by how he takes care of me and my family.
With Ron having surgery things in our house have been well hectic. For me anyway. I am the worrier the planner you could say. I want to make sure everything that I can possibly control is in order and ready to go. For the most part this works out well. But in doing so I sometimes forget that I am not in charge. I forget if I would turn things over to God that I wouldn't have such the headache. Now don't get me wrong. I am not saying God is going to call the short term disability people or stay home with my 2 year old while I am at the hospital. But he will "If it's his will" allow things to go smoother, let the pieces fit together so to say. I have been praying for weeks about this surgery and all it entails. As have many others. I was nervous. Ron seemed very calm yesterday. I prayed over him and kissed him before they wheeled him out and all of the sudden the calm hit me. I can't thank you prayer warriors enough. Because I know some of my friends/family were not only praying for Ron's surgery, but for me to get through it without getting an ulcer from worry. And it worked. I had a peace that it was going to be ok. And it was. The surgeon came back in last night around 6-6:30pm and told us that the section he removed was really inflamed and irritated. He said that everything hooked back up great and he didn't think he should have any other issues besides the normal healing from this surgery. Last night he was only able to eat ice chips, and today he may start to get to drink a little today. He won't get to eat for a few days yet. They don't want to jump start his system too soon. That is why we don't know how long he will be in the hospital it all depends on how long it takes to get things going again.

But the other thing that God has blessed me with is friends and family. I know he has used people to help me through this time. I am so grateful by the meals that were brought to us. By my Dad who is staying with the kids. And in the mail last night was a visa gift card from a contest I had won. It will come in handy to pay for the extra gas to go back and forth to the hospital. God is really watching out for me/us. OH and this morning as I am talking to my boss' about the surgery and about leaving at noon today to go be with Ron. They tell me they have decided to pay me for yesterday and this afternoon so I don't have to worry about the paycheck. I mean really God has blessed me beyond thought. I never dreamed of them paying me. But it will help so much. They said consider it Christmas.

I don't like to preach to people. If you don't have a relationship with God you are missing out on some serious blessings. I am not talking gift cards or extra hours on your paycheck. I am talking about a peace and love that you know from no other source. I know you get love from family etc. But they are human and as much as we like to think it as unconditional. My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ tells us we can be forgiven of our sins and the slate wiped clean. Now that is unconditional. I am just so overwhelmed by this feeling of love and peace that I had to share it with you all.
Thank you to those who have let Christ live through you and bless me!!!!

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