Thursday, February 17, 2011

Week 3

I will start this post with my last facebook status update, "Spinning class is of the devil, I am sure of it!" As you can guess todays bootcamp was spinning class. Now I have been riding a stationary bike through this time, but not one who's seat was lost well in my seat :-0.  I was worried about the angle of the seat versus the pedals and how it would feel on the knee. I did ok with the normal pedaling, and even with the incline and faster. What killed my knee was the standing and peddling. Now I know that Patrick told me not to do the stand up part, but for some God forsaken reason I didn't hear him and tried to do what every one else was doing until it was just too much pain. So while they were going up and I just pedaled my little ok big heart out. By the end I was in tears. And was told I could quit early, but we were so close to the end. I am not sure how much pain to push through and when to stop because you feel the pain and don't want to hurt yourself further? 

Our Nutritionist Mother passed away yesterday so we didn't have a meeting with her. But we did find out that we will be leading the 5k walk/run on April 29th in downtown Clinton. I knew that was when we were going to be doing the final weigh in, but didn't realize we would be out front. Hannah said she wants to do this with me. So I am going to sign her up when they start taking names. Maybe I can get Ron to sign up and we can push Elijah in his stroller (hint hint). Make it a whole family event. 

I am not sure what the weigh in is going to say today because of all the points. I only looked at whole numbers before. And from where I was when I started the meltdown to this morning if I am only looking at the whole numbers I have lost 10lbs. I did loose weight today, but I don't think it will be as much as I thought when they figure it up. As long as I am still loosing and not gaining I am happy, even in small amounts. 

I haven't been working out as much or as hard as I should because I wasn't sure about the knee situation.
After seeing the doctor yesterday, the MRI came back that nothing is torn.
I have a stretched ligament, and a lack of cushioning fluid, along with arthritis in the knee. He told me my knee looks like someone of much older age. He gave me a bigger more supportive brace that I am supposed to wear all the time except showering and sleeping. I have to do physical therapy 3 times a week for 4 weeks to try to strengthen the knee and I guess get the ligament back in shape.   Then I will go back to him in 3 weeks to see how it is doing. He said the next step would be injections of steroids into the knee, but don't really want to do that. I had them in my hip and they hurt and didn't do much good there. He said that the only thing that would really fix the problem is knee replacement, which is not an option right now because I am too young and it would not hold out as long as I need it to. But that is really not news. I was told a few years ago that I would probably have to have hip replacement at some point in my life. This all goes back to the Lupus and the degeneration of the joints because of arthritis. It is hard to be in your 30's and have your doctor tell you that your knee looks like someone in their 60's. 

I know that loosing weight and getting more active will help this some and that is why I set out on this mission in the first place. Because it came to the point that I was tired of everything hurting all the time. I know I will still have some pain, but by golly lets not ask for more then is necessary!!!!

I am so proud of the 16 of us. You can really tell in 3 weeks that we have all grown or shrunk however you want to look at. We may not want to be up doing exercise at 5am, but we are there. We have a mission, right now we still are cheering each other on. There are some people you can really see physical changes in already. It is nice to talk to these fellow meltdowners and hear I am not the only one struggling with this or that. Or to get tips on how someone is making this dish or enjoys this workout. It is our own little dysfunctional family.  It doesn't see black or white, male or female. It see's HUMAN's!  Real people who have real struggles making it day by day, step by step. Making our life's healthier and hopefully our kids, whether birth kids or ones we have at school. We are going to make changes in our lifes that I pray will help others.  I don't regret for one second turning in my application. I was scared at first, but it is teaching me how to be a healthier and hopefully less mass me.

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