Friday, February 11, 2011


Weekends seem to be the hardest for me to keep on the right path. I guess it is because I am at home with the family most of the time. And around an endless supply of food. Part of my "old" (trying to break) habits is to eat when I am bored. I do great during the week at work. I only bring in my lunch what I should have to eat and that is all I have. One advantage to working with all men is they never bring anything into the office. Last weekend when I got the urge to start snaking while everyone else was still sleeping I went to the gym. I am trying hard to break the old habits.
But for those times that I loose my willpower. I have started to keep better snacks in the house. More fruit and ready to eat veggies along with some 100 calorie snacks. That helps because it is portioned out for me and I don't eat the whole bag of cookies.

I saw a lady at the bank today while dropping of the deposit for work who was extremely obese. I did not judge her, but instead thanked God that he opened my eyes to my own issues and problems with food. I am so grateful to serve a God who cares enough about little old me to help me work on my emotional and eating issues!!

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