Thursday, April 19, 2012

Not a book review :-)

Ok so I know it has been a while since I have wrote anything on here that wasn't a book review.

As most of you that follow the blog know we moved at the end of April that has taken up most of our time. We are finally starting to feel like this is our home. Getting boxes emptied and figuring out where to put everything. Although putting everything away is made much easier by the fact that we have SO much more room now. And tons of storage. The boy and the dog are loving the big fenced in back yard.  And all the extra living space. I can't tell you how many times they have laid on the floor together or played or Rooby slept while Elijah played. Elijah has even talked Hannah into enjoying sidewalk chalk in the back yard a few times. He absolutely loves the freedom it has given him. He can now play out there to his hearts content and I am not worried about him running in the road on each side of us or someone snatching him up.

After looking at this pictures I realized I have a bunch of our dog laying down. But that is the only time I can catch her on my phone camera and still be able to tell what I am taking a picture of. She runs around like crazy and has made fast friends with a couple of other dogs whose owner walks them by our place daily. On the back side of our house where the fence is there is great shade in the afternoon as you can tell by Rooby soaking it up <---  This is great for me since I am allergic to the sun, I can actually go outside and enjoy watching the kids and dog play too. Ron of course loves his 2 car garage and having all of his tools back under one roof. He still has to organize everything but I know it won't be long and I will hear the sounds of a compound miter saw and sanding again. (I already have a wish list of things when he gets set up again.. love you honey)

I have also been having my own set of health issues. I don't know if some of it is a reaction to the meds or combo of meds or just a progression of things. I know right now it is harder each day to get out of bed and go to work in the morning. It takes longer for me to be able to walk and I am in pain every night when I go home, not just some. I also have some other things that are going on but I won't get into that yet. The good news is I have an appointment on the 25th and will hopefully have some answers. So please say a prayer for that appointment if you think about it. I have really been praying about if it might be time to consider disability. The only problem with that is I will have to be off work for 6 months before I can file and that is not saying that I would get it the first time around, which most people don't. Although I miss a ton of work due to the illness' I have, I am still bringing in some money to the family budget. Thank you everyone for your prayers and love.

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