Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Brick between the eyes..

Do you ever feel like God has to give you a brick between the eyes before you get something?

I DO!!!!

There have been many times that I have argued with my Lord only to give in and do what is right. I guess it is human nature. Most of the arguments from me start with something along the lines of "but what will they think". Ok I know that we shouldn't care what other people think. However it is something that is our nature I think. We start when we are still small. We want to fit in. No one wants to be the one to stick out, a thought that increases by leaps and bounds when we hit teenagism. *yep that's my new word*

Now you may not have been the one that had to have the clothes that was popular, or played sports, or listened to the same music. But for the most part you probably didn't do too much to stick out either. No one wants to be made fun of.

On the way to work/school this morning a song came on K-Love. As I was singing along, without even realizing I was doing it I was raising a hand in praise. After the song Hannah asked "Why do some people do that?" of course I had to ask do what? "Raise their hands when they sing". OH THAT......
Well it is a way of worship I tell her, I remind her how it speaks of raising hands to praise in the Bible. I asked her what her thoughts were on it. And she told me she has seen me do it in church along with some other people, but never really felt lead that way. She also wanted to know if I felt weird sometimes doing it in church if there was no one else doing it also.
Well honestly NO! I don't look around in church to see if other people are holding their hands up or if they are clapping. If I feel like I need to do those things I do.

It has not always been that way.

One of my dear friends was moving out of state and during one Sunday service before they left the Lord was telling me to get on my knees and prayer with her before we left the church. I argued over and over in my mind and heart through the whole service. What would everyone think? What if she rejected me? Guess what she didn't, we knelt and prayed and we were both touched beyond what we can do, God blessed us both in that moment.
Later as I was retelling the story to my hubby, his simple reaction was my brick between the eyes moment. "Well if you can't kneel and pray at church, where else should you do it" OH LORD!! Yeppers that one got me. He was right of course. *yes honey I said you were right fell free to print this blog post and frame it*

I too often let others determine how I worshiped.

As I was thinking about blogging about this or to just let it go. A friend of mine from High School posted a link to a new blog her brother is writing.
Again it was like the brick between my eyes, telling me to write what was on my heart.
I may have a big bruise on my forehead, but I will praise the Lord that he cares enough about lil ole me to throw the brick!


  1. This is good Heather! I love to see how God is working :)