Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Trip Abroad

The other night as I was cooking dinner/washing dishes (oh I miss a dishwasher). Hannah was there helping me which she often does. That is the time we talk about school, friends, church, my work, anything really. I think we have a great relationship and she tells me a lot about her life. I know there is stuff she won't tell me, but all I can do is to be there when she is ready to talk. This night her Spanish class was on her mind. Apparently during said class her teacher got a packet of information on a class trip. Which I am also told the foreign language class takes once a year during the summer. This years trip is to Costa Rica. Ok is possibly to Costa Rica. She continues that the teacher doesn't have all the details yet but that it looks like the trip would cost $2000.00 for travel, hotel, meals etc. I think she expected me to freak. Instead I said ok get me all the details and we will call your dad and tell him to come up with half and we will try to come up with half. I wish I would have taken a picture. I emailed the teacher the next day and asked for all the details as soon as she gets them.

See I have a different situation then probably some of the parents. My ex lives out of state, he also refused to sign passport papers last time we tried. We have to have him sign a notarized letter or be there in person. I have been praying about this. I hope if this comes to be he sees how much it would mean to her. Please my friends and family pray with me on this.

I told her this trip and the cost of or at least spending money may fall on her shoulders too. She will have to save her birthday, christmas and any other money. And she may find herself babysitting, cleaning windows or just anything she can to earn extra cash.

I hope this is something she gets to do. It is a once in a lifetime chance I think. And if possible I am gonna do all in my power to make it happen. In that same breath. This trip scares me. Hannah is a traveler, she has literally gone from the Mexico border to Niagara Falls, but it has always been with me or my folks. She is a good girl and listens well. It is everyone else I am scared of. All of the travel advisories. I know the teachers would not go some place they didn't think was safe. But I am a mom. I guess the whole point of blogging about this is to call prayer. I will keep everyone updated when I know more.

Thank you to all.

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