Monday, November 22, 2010

An Everyday Heart

Since most of you are friends with me on Face Book you have seen in the last couple weeks that I am trying to be thankful for what I have. Well in SS class yesterday one of the questions in our study hit home. Maybe not in class but later in the day as I reflected on it. I am paraphrasing here,
"How would your life be different if you let God a little more into your heart?"
By our own human standard we all wanted to say, he was in our heart fully. But the great thing about these women that I grow in Christ with is we all agreed that we could all let Him in a little more.

There are areas in my heart that I hold back, sometimes not even by a conscious choice.
I learned several years go after holding on to some pain for way too long. That the longer you hold that pain and hurt in your heart, the longer you are letting that person control you.
With that being said it is not something you can just do on your own. I find even though I have tried through the years to "Let go and let God" I screw it up. That's right me. My God is always there, always holding out his hand. Just waiting for me to allow him to embrace me. To take away the hurt, pain and fear that consumes me. It is such a relief to turn it all over to him, yet I try to hang on to it for so long. Trying to fix it for myself. Maybe it's pride. Maybe just stubbornness.
However life is always better after I turn it over. You would think being a grown woman I would learn that by now. Ummm NOPE! Still struggle with turning it all over to Him.
Money issues, relationship issues, family issues. He wants to help with it all. He wants to take the burden. Why don't we let him?
One of my friends wrote that the true show of faith is not in the Highs and Lows of living this life, but the middle. Are you praising him during that time? The mundane parts of life. Are you turning over the "everyday problems"? Sure we all pray when people we love are sick. We also rejoice and give praise when we see miracles. But what about that middle? Do we let him in on that part? I think my goal this holiday season is to let him into that space of my heart. The everyday.

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