Friday, May 13, 2011

Been a day or so

A big sorry to my friends and family. It seems my blog slipped to the wayside for a bit.
Life has a way of taking over sometimes. And even though your intentions are good and grand, it doesn't mean you can accomplish everything you set out to do.

The last few weeks have been exciting, heart warming, heart melting and just over all busy.

In our previous blog post we were preparing for Elijah's party. Wow I turned into a big blogging slacker huh?
Let's try to catch up shall we?

On April 29th, we had the final Arrow Meltdown. I did not run the race because of all the health issues that were going on. But I did show up and cheer the others on. They all did so great!!  Surprisingly enough I was not last on the weight loss list. At that time. I had lost a total of 20lbs since I started watching everything and my cholesterol went down 21 points.  I have lost 1 more pound since. I am not unhappy with the results. It gave me a starting point. And when I go see the new doctor next week I am going to talk to him about adjusting or changing my every day meds to hopefully allow me to start exercising again.

Elijah's party was a great success, thank you to all that came. To those that didn't we missed you. I am so glad we had it at the church. There was no big mess to clean up and I didn't have to try to clean my house like a mad woman before. WIN WIN!!

Hannah had a birthday also during these 2 weeks. She has some more studying to do for her permit and that is all I am gonna say about that. We had some quality time together, we laughed and talked about all kinds of stuff. It was so nice. I really love the young woman she is becoming.  She is so ready for school to be done. I don't blame her. I am not too old to remember those last few weeks of school drug on forever! She is excited about her trip, she leaves 26 days from today. We are getting lists of things she needs to pack and even getting some stuff packed together. I am so happy for her to go on this trip. I have my mommy worries, but what an opportunity for her.

I have no profound words of wisdom today. Truth be told I am super d duper tired today and am having a slight concentration problem. I just didn't want everyone to think I had given up on blogging.

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