Friday, October 15, 2010

Hannah Part 2

Part 2. It seems there is so much more I want to say. But the words are not there right now. Thank you for taking this journey with me.

Although being right is nice, you won’t always be. Try to be strong enough to admit when you are wrong and don’t gloat when you are right.

At some point in your life you will question your belief in God and in humanity. This is ok and this is normal. You will find that you wonder what is real and what you have just followed because you were told that is right. At this point I encourage you to find answers. Do research. Talk to others. Reflect. If you kept your prayer journals go back and see where you prayed for things and how God answered them. I know it sounds crazy when you are questioning God, but pray……..ask for answers. Talk to your friends, family and pastor. Everyone has stumbled at some point and if they tell you they haven’t they are lying and you need to reevaluate your relationship with them.

While we are in the mindset of God. Let’s talk about judging and loving others. Remember that everyone is a child of God and deserves love. You do not have to believe what they believe, you don’t have to think what they do is right. But remember that we have all sinned and fallen short. Homosexuals, murders, the teen mom, the drug addict. I am not saying you have to break bread with them. But don’t judge them instead say a prayer for them.

Let’s just continue on and talk about sin for a minute. We ALL do it. You are going to be tempted! I personally have never done illegal drugs, so I can’t offer you much advice. I know for some people that pull to use is strong. I can tell you that you can live a happy life without them. I have and do have an occasional drink of alcohol. You will have your own conviction about this, but I believe as long as you do this in moderation and don’t get silly drunk you are ok. There is a reason however for an age limit. Your young body is not equipped to deal with these things. But know that if you ever do find you have tried some and now are scared. Please don’t drive. Call me, I will come get you. I will not scream, I will not be mad. I may be disappointed and we will talk the next day about the choice you made. But I would rather have a moment of a broken heart then to loose you forever.

Moving right along to S.E.X. Yes we have talked about this several times. I know the temptation. I fell for it. It changes you and your heart. You really do loose a part of yourself. Sex in and of its self feels good that is the reason you do it. But it has many consequences. There are the physical ones like pregnancy and STD’s. But the emotional ones hurt deeper and take so long to heal. You see you give away part of yourself. There is no greater gift you can give your future spouse then your pure body. It creates a bond, physically and emotionally. Sex is one of the ways you will connect with your Husband that you can’t with anyone else and he with you. It is a true expression of love and trust. But also know that there are times when sex will not be so important. When one of you is sick or hurting. When life gets in the way. Build a solid relationship first and when these times come you will recover. You will still have the closeness. It is something special to have someone to share a smile, a special look and the inside joke that no one else gets.

Now if you do happen to have sex before you are married and you do get pregnant it is not the end of the world. If you are under 18 *God forbid* I will not scream and holler. I will not disown you. I will cry with you. I will pray with you. I will tell you that you are not going to kill it. I will tell you that you are going to finish your education. And I will tell you that God still loves you. That this sin can also be forgiven!

And moving right along now……

Fight Fair, don’t bring up things from the past.

Forgive, You do not have to forget the hurt or the wrong someone did. But if you hold the hate and pain in your heart you are only allowing them to control you.

Remember to sing and dance. Even if its only in the shower and car. If you only dance at home in your bathrobe.

Enjoy life, baby you only get one.

Love often. Yes it means you may get hurt more. But it really does fulfill your life. I don’t mean a lot of men. I mean friends and family.

Try your hardest to eat right and exercise. I know this probably makes me sound like a hypocrite. But I am living the down side of that hill. And it is really hard to change direction when your rolling down hill. I hope you don’t have the hurt and pain that I feel all the time. I hope you don’t have regret at what you can’t do or what you are missing out on because you are too big or out of shape. But don’t deprive yourself either. Every now and again enjoy that piece of cake you love so much or that bowl of ice cream.

One day you may or may not have kids of your own. If you do you will know that the heart really does grow. With each child you will somehow love them the same as the other’s. You will feel new pride and joy. You will also feel new pain and hurt. Because when they feel pain and hurt you will to. You will be scared in ways you never knew. But you will be amazed in even greater ways. Motherhood is the hardest job I know, but it is by far the most rewarding. Try to give each child some one on one time. Let them know they are each special. Show them God through you. But remember to put God first, then your Husband, then your kids because without your husband there would be no kids.

There is so much more that I am sure I want to tell you or wish for you. But if nothing else in this letter means anything please remember this. I love you, you are a child of God and you are special !!

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