Tuesday, October 12, 2010

One last Hoorah!

We spent the weekend in Alabama, Daulphin Island to be exact. It was the weekend of my husband's birthday and our last planned trip camping this year. We will soon winterize the camper and not see it again til maybe spring break of next year. That my friends saddens me.

Growing up most of our vacations were to see family. Sure my parent's camped, but they gave that up before I came along. So I really never knew if I liked it or not?!? But since we have had a camper, either home made or factory made. We have put to use time in campgrounds. And I must say I love pretty much every minute of it.

I love being away from home, no tv making us sit dormant, the together time, not each of us doing our own thing. Sure at night when we are all hunkering down we tend to do different things, read, check email, play with trucks ( Ron just can't leave the trucks alone hehe i kid).

But during the day it is pure family time. Weather it is watching them play on the play ground or exploring the USS Alabama. It is us.

I know my kids will grow up too quick and soon it will be just Ron and I camping and that will be fun too, but for now I am trying to make the most of this precious time I have.

Which is why when Elijah looked like this 30 minutes after a bath I just laughed.
You see before the bath it looked like I let him crawl up the chimney, he was black from head to toe. But man the giggles and fun he had getting that way were well worth it. I have learned over the years that dirt can be washed and that they are little kids only once.
Oh the other plus of camping is cooking hot dogs on the grill. I love me some hot dogs on the grill. This weekend was perfect camping weather too. Warm during the day and a nice cool breeze at night. Made me think of Falls in Michigan. Back when tee shirts were good during the day, but sweat shirts and bon fires were needed at night. Sometimes I miss those trips to the pumpkin patch where the only time you got warmed up was by the warm cider you drank with the sugar donuts inside.
So as we bid farewell to summer I will carry pictures of a dirty, happy lil boy and the smells of BBQ's. Hopefully I have enough stored to last til next spring!

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