Friday, October 1, 2010


The day is near. The day my baby gets all dressed up in her first fancy shmancy dress and goes to a real dance. I have to go to UPS today and pick up her dress cause there was some confusion about our address, so AUGH kinda freaking about that. Hope it fits good, cause I have run out of time. The dance is TOMORROW! I am not a sower. I can put buttons back on and mend tiny holes. So here's to hoping it fits well or at least enough that some double sided tape can fix.

This dance has brought up so many of those mommy emotions in me, which you have all heard already so I won't go over them again. But my dear husband brought to mind the other night and great memory of when Hannah was young(er).

She was in K-grdn and during home coming week the school made posters and got the little ones all excited about watching the upcoming parade. She came home the night before said parade and in her innocence. Said "Mommy there is just one thing I don't get?" I said of course "what?" "I just don't get who's coming home?!?!"
I giggled and try to explain to this sweet girl about people who graduated coming back to the school etc. But it will forever be my happy memory come homecoming time. No matter how old she is.

And by the grace of God, I now have a second growing child to get more quotes from as time goes on.

I am glad my little girl is growing up. And proud of the young lady she is becoming. For if she wasn't growing then I would be doing something wrong. For all my Clinton friends. Happy homecoming!

Pictures will come next week.

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