Thursday, January 27, 2011

Arrow Meltdown

Today was our kick off to the Arrow Meltdown. It was more of a meet and greet and get signed up day. We have to get our blood work done and meet with a trainer before next weeks meeting. Then next week the real fun begins. For those that don't know, this is the run down. We will meet every Thursday morning at 5am, March 31st will be our last meet and final weigh in will be April 29th. During these weekly meetings we will all be pushed and worked hard by the main trainer. He said he was going to do some of the stuff with us that we may see on the Biggest Looser, me being me, said um make us cry? He also said if we were late he would make us run MORE sprints, so apparently sprints are in my future.

The very thought of the word sprints takes me back to High School and the sprints we all hated, base line to free throw line and back, to the half court and back, other free throw line and back, the other end and back. Man we would run so many of those. Ok my shins are hurting just thinking of running on that tile floor back then.

Ok sorry to get side tracked. We will work with the trainer for 30 minutes then we will have 30 minutes with then nutritionist. Here is a link of an article from today.

The rest of the time we will do our own workouts that will be given to us when we meet with the one on one trainer. My meeting is next Wednesday the 2nd. Up until then I am going to start walking and maybe join a aqua aerobics class. The other thing we have to do this week is keep a record of what we eat each day and turn it in so she can tell us where we need help.

I am not delusional enough to think this is going to be easy. I use food as my drug of choice. I self medicate with it, when I am sad, mad, lonely, bored and even happy. You name an emotion and I can find a food to stuff in my mouth to make me feel temporarily better. I need to retrain my brain to eat to live, not eat just for pleasure. One of the biggest things I am going to try to work out of my life is the daily need for soda pop. I am addicted, I know there will be withdraw, but it is a ball and chain around me. I for see a break down or two, tears of I can't do this any more.
BUT, I believe in my heart that I have enough love and support from my close friends and family to wipe my tears, give me a hug, then kick my bottom right back to the gym.
I did not become morbidly obese over night. (Wow that was hard to type) Morbidly Obese!
And I know it won't come off over night either. But if the journey leads me down the path of being able to enjoy walking around a museum with my family and not having to stop and rest every so feet it is so worth it!!!

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