Friday, January 7, 2011


Even though we didn't have the kids this Christmas season, I still feel like I have a holiday hangover. This week at work has been stressful maybe that is why. The men i work with have been at each other all week. And here I thought it would ease a little with the tension of the holidays and year end behind us. But no!!! Of course we are still trying to get the inventory counted and taken care of. This place has the worst inventory of any place I have ever seen. And it drives me crazy when I try to do the billing and they say they used a part but guess what there is not one in inventory for them to have used. Did you go buy it? I say, Nope it was on the truck. AUGH!!! Who ever did the counting last year either didn't know how to count or didn't care enough to make sure it was right, and I am paying for it. So my work resolution this year is to get the inventory right and keep it right all year. Yeah I know wish me luck with that right!

On a much brighter note.. Elijah went tete in the potty at day care yesterday. He also got the back of his pants cause he was sitting down and didn't aim. But hey that is why we take extra clothes. I haven't really been pushing the issue, just keep mentioning it to him and asking him if he wants to go. I hope this is a step in the right direction. Hannah tried to tell him the other night that babies wore diapers and big boys went in the potty and he told her well I big boy in diapers LOL. Her physiologic had no effect on him at all.

Ron is still recovering nicely. We are going to try to do some running around tomorrow. I want to go to an art store downtown that was recommended and see about getting Hannah some supplies to make some paintings to sell to make money for her trip. And then we thought about going to the Natural Science Museum or the New Children's Museum. Not sure which one. But it will be nice to spend some fun time with the kids and get out of the house for a bit. Hopefully get some pictures, if we can find our camera. I have not been able to find it since we went to Northern Illinois for Thanksgiving.

On a Bible study note, my verse this morning that stuck in my head was;

Luke 10:27 (New International Version, ©2010) 27 He answered, “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind’; and, ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’"

This is something I struggle with sometimes, like I am sure most of us do. How many of us really love Charles Manson or Osama Bin Laden? The list could go on and on. But closer to home and heart. I struggled with this in regards to my ex husband for a long time. I am not saying that I love him like I do my current husband by any sense of the word. There was a great amount of time that I wished him ill, I thought "wouldn't my life be better if he would die or just go away?" Then one day God knocked me upside the head and made me see it through the eyes of my daughter. Once I had that sense of grief and pain that it would cause her for that to happen I changed my tune. I love her so much and want to keep all the pain and sorrow away from her life. I know as a parent we can't stop it from happening, but goodness I was wishing, wanting that pain to come. That then hurt my heart. How cruel and evil am I to wish that pain on my child? So then I started praying for him and for his relationship with our daughter. And things have gotten better. Not that we are best friends by any means. We still have disagreements, but we are a bit more humane to each other. You can take that anyway you like, a change of heart in me made me see things differently, God changing the situation for the better. No matter what angle I look at it though it comes back to God changing my heart. It is still a battle inside sometimes not to be angry with him, but then I am sure there are times I grate him too. It is a hard lesson to learn in my pea brain that we are all children of God and deserve the same respect and love. Ok that is my thought of the day.

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