Friday, January 14, 2011

Wait that's it?

So I took Hannah down town to the BIG post office to apply for her passport this morning. I took all the paper work that they tell you online, My marriage licence to show why my name is different, papers from the court showing I have custody. All her info, birth certificate, ss card. The very nice Civil Servant says all I need is your dl and the paper from her dad saying its ok. Oh and her birth cert. Which they have to send off, you will get it back but it's gone (oh please don't loose my only copy) for now. Paid for it and out the door we went. It seriously took us less then 10 minutes in and out the door. We thought wow we are gonna get to school maybe 30 minutes late. Not too bad really. NOPE not gonna happen. We get stopped at a RR crossing for 25 minutes. I was blocked in couldn't turn around and go another way. So there went our good timing. But all in all it was a simply and fast process and she still made it to school during 1st period.
I think this kind of confirms in her mind that she is actually going to get to go. It will be even more real when she is holding it in her hand.
As we are driving into the school lot she says "Hey Mom this is the last I will see you til Sunday" Oh yeah, she is doing D Now at the church all weekend and Ron will be dropping her off so I won't see her til I pick her up from church on Sunday. Have a nice weekend sweetie. Don't stay up too late giggling. But giggle a little cause that is what being a teenage girl is all about. Spending times with friends and giggling and talking. Sharing secrets and talking about which boy you might think is cute and which ones are dorks and you would never ever "go out" with them. Ok maybe that was just me and my friends.

Elijah is starting the journey of potty training. We are so'a happy!!! Yes we are those parents who sing and dance with joy each time he tinkles just a little bit in the potty. His daycare teacher wants us to bring underwear and extra pants to school along with the pull ups. Ok sister more power to ya. I may try him in underwear some this weekend, we will see. Hopefully I can find some little enough to fit his little tush. Most of the 2t pants fall off.

Ron is healing very nicely. And doing well, I think he is liking this part time work gig. Doing paperwork from bed totally beats sitting in an office any day.

As for me, this is my heartfelt note. If any of you listen to Christian radio I am sure you have heard this song.

It is from JJ Heller called "Love me for me".
This song speaks volumes to me, I mean my heart, that deep down spot. Not only does she have a very lovely voice, the words ...just wow. It got me to thinking. How many times do we or have we gone looking for love from other humans. We all want that unconditional love. We look for it in our spouse, our kids and friends. I am not saying that parent's loves is not unconditional .... I know I will always love my kids no matter what they may do in life. But I looked at how many times I wondered if someone "loved me" for what I give them or what I could give them? How many times have I given that "love"? Do we look to our spouse to fill that void we find in ourselves, and then get upset when they let us down? I know my husband loves me and he has stuck it out through many ups and downs and mistakes I have made. But I wonder to I sometimes expect the love from him that i can only get through our Lord? It's those times that make me re-examine my relationship with God. What am I doing to push away that I am not feeling that warm fuzzy feeling? Because God is perfect and has never left us, that in turns leaves me. The one who screws up and falls short. If you don't think you do then take a long look in the mirror and crack open your Bible! In the song it talks about God loving the one who has murdered and lied, although I have never murdered anyone, I may have thought about it once, maybe just um... ok moving on. What stood out to me is it doesn't matter lying, murder or adultery. It is all sin. And he still loves us!! How can you not say he ROCKS?!?!?! Ok that was my sharing moment for the week. I am having some emotional and physical issues that are still trying to work out in my body and heart. Maybe that is why this means so much to me right now who knows. But enough. Have a great weekend!!

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