Tuesday, January 4, 2011


I know it has been a few weeks since I wrote anything. And I am sorry!!!
Let me start by saying Ron is doing WONDERFUL. The Lord as our great physician kept watch over him and has allowed his body to heal nicely. And after this is all said and done. I do believe that he will have the relief from the pain he had before. I know that he has perked up now that he is starting to really recover. He was hurting all the time and well like anyone who hurts all the time it was getting him down. I love this man with all that I am and it hurt to see him hurting. The mother in me wanted to take away his pain. And although you never want to see someone you love have to have surgery, I knew it would stop the constant pain he was having, not to mention the fever and infection.
But do you think the Lord stopped there, ummmm nope! He blessed us greatly. My father came and stayed with us that week and then took the two kids back to Missouri. Although we missed them, it allowed Ron to recover without the fear of a 2 year old jumping on his belly and tearing the nice zipper he now has. (his half of the matching set as I like to say) During the time my dad was here and in the weeks that followed there were several of my friends that brought us food, some a few times. Not only was it helpful to my Dad, It saved me when I came home from work and let me focus on helping Ron and not getting too tired in the process. I have taken food to different families before and now more then ever will I continue. It was such a blessing to us. Thank you again ladies. And I got a few new recipes, bonus!! Even my grump of a boss got into the giving spirit and surprised me by paying me for the days I had to take off due to surgery and Ron being in the hospital. That was such a blessing. Thank you to those who visited us at the hospital and at home. But most of all thank you for all the prayers. I know there were ones sent up on our behalf from near and far. And the peace I felt from them was amazing.

The kids liked spending time away from home, but they were glad to be back with us. It was nice this morning getting back into routine. Although I didn't miss the rush in the morning it is still nice. I know Elijah missed his friends oh who am I kidding...both kids missed their friends from school. They both had stories to tell of Christmas away and enjoyed the extra gifts that were waiting when they got home. Even though I talked to the kids almost daily, it did not even come close to the over joy I felt when I got big hugs from them both. I love that my 2 year old randomly comes up to me and says "lub u mama" or gives me quick hugs.
It made me think how much I miss the interaction while they were gone. And well felt guilty at the same time. I try to pray and do Bible study. But there are days when I know I don't for whatever excuse it happens to be. And how that must make God feel as our heavenly father. That I don't have time for him, does it break his heart like it did mine when Elijah was too busy playing with his new toys on Christmas. Although I understood it still hurt a little. I am going to try this year to be better. To give him the time he deserves and wants from me. I know I will never be perfect, but I need to open that line of communication up better.
I know you don't read to hear me preach, but to hear my thoughts and heart in words. Otherwise you would have stopped long ago. Thank you for continuing to read and respond. This has become a sounding board, an online journal of sorts. If just one thing helps someone else it is all worth it.
On the Costa Rica note. We have received a few donations (thank you). I got her all signed up for it. She is going to start working on some art work to try to sell for donations. I figured she would get more if she lets people choose how much to give. Well that is all for now. My lunch is over and even though I am done with year end, I have all the new year paperwork to do plus what I missed yesterday. The fun never ends my friends. Oh and I don't know what happened over the weekend but all the men in this place are acting like grumpy toddlers who are not getting their way. I told them I was verging on a migraine and to go to their offices and leave me out of it. So far they have kept a little distance. I think they are scared now. :-)

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