Friday, March 4, 2011

Week 5

Ok so week 5 has come and gone. I did not participate in this weeks boot camp. I went home from work sick on Wednesday with some kind of bug. I was running a fever and throwing up. When I called Jan to find out who I should call in the morning if it was still going on, she informed me even if it was not, to not come anywhere near them on Thursday. I was still sick that morning, but actually missed weekly meeting.
Not that I like to be up and at the gym at 5am by any stretch of the imagination. But I do like seeing everyone and how they are doing. It is a boost to the moral. And aside from that devil err spinning class I enjoy the group work out. This week they did Zumba............OF COURSE!! The one class I was looking forward to taking. Now I know that they offer other Zumba classes at the plex. But (I mean no disrespect to anyone) with our group I know there is not a class full of skinny mini's and I thought I wouldn't feel so out of place learning it with everyone else.
Another step out of my comfort zone. I will make one of those classes before my membership expires.
Although I am hoping by the time this program is done, I can continue the membership. I really enjoy being able to go workout and the variety of classes the plex offers. I would love to do a family membership and take Hannah with me. Yes I will work on that.

I did step on the scale the other day and although not "official" I have lost back the weight I gained the week before.And probably more since I couldn't hold food down for almost 36 hours. I am still doing PT. The knee is getting better. It does not hurt all the time like it did before. I don't think I am ready to run or walk miles yet. But one step at a time I am building to that.
I am going to have to do a little bit of catch up when I can get back to walking/jogging. I have to at least be able to walk the 5k at the end of April which feels like it is next week.
I don't think I will be winning this competition by any means. But I will be able to finish that walk/run if it is the death of me.

So that is my week. Not all that exciting. I have had those feelings of self doubt and failure this week. I really think the devil is whispering in my ear that I should just quit. the knee injury the being sick, gaining weight last week. It has been an emotional struggle not to just give up like I have in the past when things start to go bad.
I keep reminding myself that I am worth it. I am worth the effort to keep on pushing. That this is just a temporary set back. That even if I haven't been able to exercise as much as I like that I am still moving in PT and that I am eating better and smaller portions. That I have broke the addiction of soda daily.
I read that book "Made to Crave" and now have one of the verses on my phone and on my computer at work to reminded me that even if I can't do everything physically I would like right now, I can still control what goes in my mouth. All things are permissible, but not all things are beneficial. I Corinthians 6:12

Hope everyone had a blessed week and that this next week will be even better.
Tomorrow Hannah and I are going to try to go to a CD premier for one of the guys from the meltdown. He is releasing his new Christian CD. I am all about supporting local Christians as they spread the word for God. We should all support ministry we believe in. But that is a whole different post.
If you want to check him out go here and if your not doing anything tomorrow Saturday the 5th come with Hannah and I. It starts at 3pm and is at Wayside Church of Deliverance in the gym. The address is 1504 Clinton-Raymond Rd.

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