Thursday, March 10, 2011

Week 6

Well 1 more week has come and gone. We have less then 2 months before this program is over. I didn't gain and didn't drop any pounds this week. I stayed the same. Which is bittersweet. I am glad I didn't gain anything, but still was hoping to loose. But now that the knee is getting better, I plan on hitting the gym a lot more. Get back in the groove of working out everyday.

The knee is getting better. Still not 100%, but I don't have the constant pain like I did before. Well let me rephrase that. I have an all the time ache/soreness in all my joints. But not the sharp make me wanna cry pain. Every now and again I will still get that sharp pain like say after 10 minutes on the treadmill the other night. But I stopped and it went away after a while with some pain pills. Although I was very proud of the 5 miles I did on the bike. It may not be jogging or running but it is something and it gets my heart rate up and no one can take that away from me. So there !! LOL

I went back to the doctor yesterday and he offered the injections again, which I turned down for now. He told me I could continue PT if I wanted. I am still trying to decide. It would probably help, but it is getting better and I can do most of what they do on my own, and we already have enough medical bills stacking up with Ron's surgery a few months ago. I also realized I was using PT as a big fat excuse. Yes my knee is really sore when we get done, but I could have been going and working my upper body. I could work the other leg. Oh how sneaky those excuses can be when we let it. I also don't like doing dinner at 8pm. If I am doing PT til 6ish then at the plex til 7-7:30 then dinner doesn't get done til at least 8 and then it's time to get Elijah ready for bed and somewhere in there let's do laundry and anything else that only mom's can do it seems.

Next Thursday we are going to head down to Dauphin Island, AL to camp through Sunday. I am so looking forward to some family down time. It is so less stressful when we camp. We are taking our bikes to ride around. So I plan on getting some exercise that way. Plus just good ole fashioned playing with my kids.
Thank you for all the prayers and encouragement everyone has given. I am truly blessed by the Lord!

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