Friday, March 11, 2011

YES it's mine

Ok forgive me for taking a moment to just rant.
I got "called out" today for parking in a handicap spot. Yes I have a handicap plate on my truck. No I don't always use it. But there are some days like today where every fiber of my being hurts. I feel like I should grab the cane I keep in my truck and use it because the hips and knees are inflamed and feel unstable. I just want to crawl back in bed and cry kinda day. Well I try my best to put on a good face and not complain.
Boss had me go get his lunch for him...uhhh ok great sure would love to. So I park in the handicap spot. And this woman feels the need to chew me a new one about taking up a spot that is meant to be used by "truly handicap people" and "Don't I know it is illegal to park in the handicap spot when it's not mine?".
Usually I am polite and explain that it is mine and that not everyone has a disability you can see, and not every person has to be above the age of 60 to have one. But today I cried. I couldn't help it. She then said to me "oh the crying game don't work on me". Then I was mad. I said look lady, this is MY vehicle. The handicap tag IS MINE! I have lupus and experience pain that you can't even begin to imagine. I have had major surgeries on my hip with a nice big scar if you need to see something physical to put your mind at ease. I will drop my pants for you. Then I said please go ahead and call the cops, let them run my plate and compare the name on my tag to me.  She huffed and walked away. REALLY??? How can you be so verbally abusive to a person and then just walk away?
Maybe I was just over sensitive today because I wasn't feeling well. Or maybe she was just super rude. Either way I am glad it is Friday and I get to spend the weekend vegging out and maybe a little time in the hot tub at the health plex to ease the joint pain.
I go see my rheumatologist (yes that is a word quit telling me it's not spell check) on Monday and I am going to talk about changing meds or doing something different.
On a plus this week the FDA approved a new drug to be used to treat Lupus. It is an IV drug and really expensive right now. It may not help everyone with Lupus but it is the first drug in 50 years approved just to treat Lupus. Right now most drugs we use are borrowed from another disorder and used off label, meaning it was not intended to be used to treat Lupus. No cure yet, but I see this as a step in the right direction.
Have a great weekend !!!  And thanks for tolerating my rant.

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