Monday, September 20, 2010


I know I have been absent from writing. Well my life has been a little busy. At work I learned a second person's job. I had a lot of free time before, so this just means I have a full day now. It will all work out. And the work is not hard, it flows with my job that I already had, it's just doing the work of two people. Oh and I feel like crud. Ok crud warmed over. This sinus/cold crap is kicking me in the seat of the pants. But that is not what I set out to write about....

I wanted to talk about moving. Since we have a good year under our belt now. I wanted to talk about moving to Mississippi.

Oh how you realize where your comfort zone was when you move hundreds of miles away from "home". When we decided to move, I told my hubby "this is either going to make us or break us". So far it has made us. We are closer now, because for a while we were all each other had.

We worried about moving kids, especially Hannah. She seems to have adjusted as well as can be expected. She still misses her friends in IL. But she has made new friends. She likes the youth group at church. And is excited to go to her first dance in a couple weeks. I was so worried about her making new friends, she is not one to make a lot of friends. She is just a good friend to few. But she has found her group of girlfriends and seems to be happy about it.

I on the other hand didn't really have any close friends in IL. The one "best" friend that I had, the one I could call with everything moved away to CA. I had a bunch of acquaintances. But that was it. Still I was leaving home. I left a job that I LOVED and bosses that meant the world to me.

When we first started going to Church down here. One special lady said hi and showed me around. She invited me to her Sunday school class. And from that day on, I have gained girlfriends. They call to check on me. They let me cry, and most of all they pray for me. Wow this is what I have been missing my whole adult life!!!!
I never expected this when we moved, but it is a definite upside. And now in that same Sunday School class I am learning to be a better girl friend to them. And how a true friend should help you and encourage you to be more Christ like. That is this group of ladies for me.

Yes moving was hard. And at times I still miss things about "home" , but this is becoming home more and more all the time. Besides isn't home just where the heart is and my heart is defiantly here in Mississippi with my family and new friends!

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