Wednesday, September 1, 2010

September Already

Wow September 1st, 2010. How did it get here so fast. It seems the older I get, the quicker time flies by. I have heard some say it's after you have kids. Well maybe that is true, but seeing as I have been a mom since I was 18. Most of my adult life has flown by.

I can remember back in school and it seemed like "our year" ya know the one you graduate was so far away, and the days just ticked by. We watched the clock with such anticipation, wishing our life away.

If that is one thing I wish to teach my children is to enjoy the moment, it will be gone soon enough. Your time to work and pay bills, all the worry that comes with that. Well you will have that burden the rest of your life. Slow down and enjoy this moment today.

At one point in time I traveled for work. Hannah was about 7, and we as a family decided it was a good thing for me to do. But only coming home for a long weekend every 3rd week was just too much. I stuck out the assignment, but couldn't do another on the road. I loved the job, the people, the money, the freedom. Then like a brick between the eyes it hit me, I would never get back year 7 day 125 of Hannah's life. I was missing too much. I did learn a lot by taking that job. I had never lived alone NEVER and even though I was married and had children, I was living alone several hours from them. There is something to be said about not worrying about dinner or clean clothes or whatever you worry about. Only having to fend for myself cereal was dinner some nights. I got my nails done. I went to the movies. And all on my per diem. It was something I now know that I needed to experience. Yet it still doesn't replace the days I missed from Hannah.

Now I think ahead to Hannah graduating and how fast 2014 will be here. How that means that Elijah will be starting school OMG!!!! (not gonna cry right now....) Although every parent I know loves to see their kids grow. No matter how hard it is. I appreciate my own parents more now. I see all the sacrifices they made and kept from me, because that's what parents do. Then I can only imagine how hard it is for them to see their babies grown, married, with kids, some of those kids with kids of their own. It has to be bittersweet.

No matter how you see time moving, fast or slow. The point is it just keeps going. When our lives seem to stand still, due to illness or financial issues or what have you. The rest of the world goes on. The sun rises and sets the same it did yesterday with no reserve to if your ready.

My friends enjoy this moment, even if you are not having a good time. Remember that you will never have this second, minute, day ever again. What are you going to do with it?

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